New Services

New Services

Programming for cTrader/cAlgo(C#) trading platform now available!

  • MQLock  Website Coding Assistance

  • Custom Trade Copy Platforms

  • Custom Forex Website Design

  • EA Squeeze Page Creation

Build A Forex Website

Are you looking to build and monetize a Forex Website ?
If so lets talk about some of the most popular categories like Forex Robots, Trading Signals and Review Sites!
Many companies sell their products using Squeeze ,Sales , or Landing Pages and also including are opt-in or lead generation pages.
Companies like ClickBank sell hundreds of Forex trading products and courses.
Like the Forex Megadroid,Forex Sword and others.
Binary Options Sites are also very popular .
However Review Sites Rank in the top 10 most popular sites on the web.
The Top 3 Sites are, ForexFactory and DailyFx.

New and upcoming sites are of Social Trading Genre.
These Sites allow investors to select the best trading strategies and copy their trading signals .
The trading site Zulutrade.
The trading site JaruTrade.
The trading site MyFxBook and many others.
If you want to learn more about how to build one these sites please contact us at

Reverse Engineering Mt4 Expert Advisor or Indicator

Reverse engineering an expert advisor or indicator without decompiling a file, how can it be done?
Reverse engineering a strategy or indicator can be done if something is known about the strategy
and the concept it uses to make trades.
Careful study of the buy and sell entry times and prices can give a clue to how it operates.
Insight comes from empirical observation of the trading strategy and years of studying the market and building, designing and marketing trading software.
For example if it uses the Highs and Lows or Tops and Bottoms of the market to detect good entry opportunities it might be using a Fractal Indicator to determine the swing points.
The programmer could then write software which uses a fractal indicator and money management rules that approximate the strategy being Reversed Engineered.
The outcome of the reverse engineering attempt could be even better than the original strategy or not as good. does not offer decompiling services, and will reject all requests for this service.

We feel this practice is immoral and not ethical and just plain stealing of other people’s hard work.
If you need help building your own unique Strategy please contact us at

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MT4 DLL Programming Service


MT4 DLL Programming Service

to protect the trading the logic of your Expert Advisor EA MQL code is moved from the MQ4 file to the DLL library and is further protected by encryption.

Basic MQL Based Protection $50-$200 depending on size of file

This protection method uses coding and can add any limitation parameters into the EA. The parameters can include expiration date, account number recognition, or anything else you require.
This simple MQL protection has a good degree of security; only experienced MT4 programmers would be able to remove limitations. For every sale, you would need to enter your client’s account number into the .mq4 file and create a new .ex4 using MetaEditor. These programs will work on a basic security level.

Advanced Protection Stand Alone Protection-No subscription required

MT4 DLL Programming Service

This mt4 dll programming Service protection level is much more advanced than the simple MQL method. Some or all of the Expert Advisor/indicator trading logic will be stored in a secure DLL library file. If a hacker attempts to decompile your EA, they will not be able to find your trading logic. Further the DLL file is encrypted to prevent Hacker access to you private code. This Service is a one fee and does not require a yearly subscription.

Please Contact us About Our MT4 DLL Programming Service


MT4 Website Programming

MT4 Website Programming

We now offer custom programming for MT4 Website Programming Landing Pages to display and sell your EA via Clickbank or Paypal
Integrating online shopping cart,affiliate tracking software and EA Protection and much more…

MT4 Website Programming

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