Reverse engineering an expert advisor or indicator without decompiling a file, how can it be done?
Reverse engineering a strategy or indicator can be done if something is known about the strategy
and the concept it uses to make trades.
Careful study of the buy and sell entry times and prices can give a clue to how it operates.
Insight comes from empirical observation of the trading strategy and years of studying the market and building, designing and marketing trading software.
For example if it uses the Highs and Lows or Tops and Bottoms of the market to detect good entry opportunities it might be using a Fractal Indicator to determine the swing points.
The programmer could then write software which uses a fractal indicator and money management rules that approximate the strategy being Reversed Engineered.
The outcome of the reverse engineering attempt could be even better than the original strategy or not as good. does not offer decompiling services, and will reject all requests for this service.

We feel this practice is immoral and not ethical and just plain stealing of other people’s hard work.
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